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Plastic-Free Life

[Fruits for a plastic-free life unite.] Plastic-Free Life I think I’m just one of those people that needs a mission.  This week I decided that if I’m ever going to even approach a Zero Waste Life, I need to find … Continue reading

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WATWB – GI (Green Infrastructure) Do not despair our present difficulties, but believe always in the promise and greatness of America because nothing is inevitable here.  Americans never quit. We never surrender.  We never hide from history.  We make history. … Continue reading

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#BookReview Oil and Water by PJ Lazos

Thanks to Ajoobactsblog for the recommend on Oil and Water where the action is “heart-stopping”.   The Tirabi’s lose their parents in a car crash and strange break-ins start the same night. Could it be linked to their father’s invention of a device … Continue reading

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[photo of a hydric soil with a penny shamelessly lifted from the internet] Reduximorphic When I started blogging in 2011, I had a blog partner and we launched Persephone’s Stepsisters together. It was an eclectic mix of book reviews, essays on … Continue reading

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I Wanna Be Sedated

[Lake Norman, SC] I WANNA BE SEDATED      So you go to the doctor because you have a nasty cold that you just can’t shake and she gives you a prescription for antibiotics and you take them for ten … Continue reading

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The Climate It Is a-Changin’

The Climate It Is a-Changin’      Over 150 world leaders gathered in Paris on Monday in the city of love, and also the location of one of the world’s worst terror attacks since 911, to talk about the weather, … Continue reading

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Welcome to Green Life Blue Water

  [photo by Arianna Rich] Bienvenido. Willkommen. Welcome. Hey. Hi. Hello. Welcome to Green Life Blue Water Where Eco Meets Life. I’m passionate about environmental rightism, not right as in adherence to the right as a political ideology, but environmental … Continue reading

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