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[summer sky © pam lazos]   If you read my original post about The Twelve Virtues of the Merchant Priests, as suggested in the book, Sacred Commerce, my goal was to reflect upon and write about the 12 virtues discussed in … Continue reading

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Economies of Scale – #WATWB

Economies of Scale A couple lawyer friends and I have decided to meet weekly to talk about plastics recycling. Ever since I was in law school, so many moons ago, I’ve been thinking about this issue and am disappointed that … Continue reading

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Dark Desires

Dark Desires Award-winning author Ronel Janse van Vuuren mainly writes for teens and tweens, though she is known to write mythology-filled short stories for anthologies aimed at older readers. Her dark fantasy works, usually full of folklore, can be viewed … Continue reading

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Finish Line

[photo by H.G. Reifsnyder] *** I don’t have a lot of pictures of my father. This one was taken over three decades ago by an old BF who, years after my father died, thought I might like to have it. … Continue reading

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La Familia Que Escribe Juntos…

La Familia Que Escribe Juntos… (The Family that Writes Together…) My dear friend Lydia Isales with whom I had worked for over a quarter century retired a few years ago.One day she was there and the next, up and out. A … Continue reading

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How to Change Your Mind

How to Change Your Mind Michael Pollan is a rock star.  Not a shooting star, not a fleeting 15-minutes-of-fame star, not a one-hit wonder, but an honest to goodness Influencer, someone who moves the populace, sometimes in small increments, at … Continue reading

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#WATWB — Single-Use Plastics Ban!

Single-Use Plastics Ban! The EU Parliament has approved a single-use plastic law, giving the 28 EU member countries two years to amend their national laws. The directive bans single-use plastic plates, cutlery, straws, balloon sticks and cotton swabs by 2021. … Continue reading

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