Random musings on the pizza of consciousness

Beautiful post! Thank you for your insight, Sue Vincent!


From the archives 2014: I like cooking, but, as I may have mentioned before, I don’t do it often these days… unless I have company. It seems a waste just for me. For myself it is usually either fil…

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Because Food Matters


[photo by PJL, Landis Valley Farm Museum, Lancaster, PA]

 I’m no expert, but I do know that the food we put in our bodies create the future for those bodies.  To that end, the freshest, sustainable, most pesticide-free food we can eat is the way to go.  Here’s what my friend, Sharon Wong, health and wellness practitioner (and kick-ass butterflier!) has to say about it.  pjl 10.19.16


Because Food Matters
A Voice For Change For A Generation In Jeopardy
by Sharon Wong

       I’ve known Pam since childhood and have very fond memories of our time together swimming for Dolphin Swim Club. Both of us loved swimming the butterfly which moves much like a dolphin in the water. I share Pam’s passion for raising awareness about our environment so when she asked me to write a post for her blog on what I do for a living, I agreed.  Get some SOUL food here…

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Oil, Water and Intrigue: A Book Review

Thanks Ken Dowell for the great review of —

Oil and Water, by P.J. Lazos

Source: Oil, Water and Intrigue: A Book Review

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Interview with History


Interview with American History Professor Louise Stevenson, Author of Lincoln in the Atlantic World

I sat down, virtually, with Professor Stevenson to get the skinny on how she came to be the expert on all things Lincoln and where she wants to go from here. So come on and, virtually, listen in.

From our conversations it’s clear that you are a diehard historian. How did you first become interested in American History?

I was going to be a European historian and then switched to American Studies when I transferred to a new college. My credits worked better. I would have to blame my liking history on reading . . . Sir Walter Scott, the Landmark books, and the orange biographies for children.  Read more here…

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Lincoln in the Atlantic World


Lincoln in the Atlantic World

There are people who read scholarly works just for fun, those super smarties for whom reading novels is practically a waste of time. Not me. I want fiction. I want suspense. I want action. I want romance. Most of all, I want a good story and an escape from my routine. Well, guess what? You can get all those things in the scholarly yet action-packed book, Lincoln in the Atlantic World, by American History Professor, Louise L. Stevenson. Lincoln is Stevenson’s third book and is as original as it is wide-ranging, a treasure trove of information that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Lincoln in the Atlantic World redefines our 16th president as a trendsetting risk-taker whose biggest gamble paid off resulting in the Emancipation Proclamation. By presenting little-known facts rarely focused upon in other scholarly works, Stevenson makes a strong case for Lincoln’s genius not only as a great statesman, but as a brilliant strategist, writer, and political cosmopolitan.   Read more  here…

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The Ancient Minstrel


The Ancient Minstrel

When I read the news you could have knocked me over with a well-placed word:

He was dead.

How did I miss that tidbit of information? How could I have not known that one of my favorite living authors is no longer walking about the earth plane? Shouldn’t I have felt the cosmic shift of the planets as his spirit left? Why didn’t the Earth herself — for whom he was such a consistent and persuasive advocate — rise up in protest at his departure. In March 2016, Jim Harrison died of a heart attack. (I wrote heartache at first. Freudian slip, eh?) What Harrison left behind — vibrant, sparse, yet effusive stories that resonated with a quiet truth — will have to be enough.    Read more here…

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Feminist Slurs and Free Viagra


[photo of my sister, Stacey Lazos, yogi extraordinaire, who also happens to have a Masters in education proving that woman are a lot more than just eye candy.]

Author’s note: There’s a lot of woman-maligning these days attributable in large part, I think, to he-who-shall-remain-nameless (hint: it’s not Lord Voldemort, rather he’s a presidential candidate — and I swore I would never willingly mention his name again on this blog). Yet he-who-shall-remain-nameless is not alone in his woman-bashing, he just happens to be the most vocal of bashers. Three years ago, I posted the following essay on my old blog, Persephone’s Stepsisters. Not surprisingly, things haven’t changed much and women are still under siege, although this time, it’s because we have a shot at the big prize and it’s making some men a little dizzy. And so to all those men who would rather see a narcissistic, lying, (fill in adjectives of your choice), (fill in noun of your choice), who thinks not paying taxes makes him smart and filing for bankruptcy is just good business, who bilks the little guy in order to make a buck even after receiving the work, who judges a woman by her face, her weight, and the way she eats, and who is such a control freak that he would start a war before suffering an insult, to those who would see that guy be president of the U.S. instead of a woman who has spent her lifetime preparing for the job I say, haters gotta hate.  I mean, what do we ladies have to do to get noticed?  Stand on our heads?  Read the rest of the post here…

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